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Non-Bed Locations Where You Might Find Bedbugs, Part 2

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the non-bed locations where you might commonly locate bed bugs. Despite their name, it’s indeed possible for bed bugs to appear in other locations – and because they’re unexpected here, they may cause more issues than they would in typical mattress areas.

At Bug Busters, we’re happy to offer a variety of pest control and exterminator services in both residential and commercial settings, including for any area where bed bugs may have begun to infest. And while most of part one focused around home non-bed areas, did you realize bed bugs might even show up in your office space? Here are a few of the areas they might infest if they’re transported into your workplace, plus one note on a common method of such transportation that may lead to office infestations.

Seat Cushions

If you think about where bed bugs like to live normally within your home, it makes sense that one of the first locations they’ll head to if they enter an office space will be seat cushions. They like dark, warm places like these where they can nest and reproduce without being seen. If you notice even just a few of these bugs anywhere in the office, grab a flashlight and check your chair and any other seating areas for black streaks, residue, droppings, blood stains or even actual insects or casings.

In addition, seat cushions within cars, buses and other forms of transportation may serve as nesting grounds for bed bugs while they move from one location to another.


Molding refers to the small spaces or gaps in between various areas of a building, such as doors, windows, walls and even ceilings. Again, bed bugs love these kinds of concealed locations, and may try to make their home in smaller nooks and crannies. If an infestation is discovered, all such areas should be investigated.


Some libraries have undergone bed bug infestations, and this is because books are often left on nightstands near beds while people read. This makes it easier for bed bugs to make their way in, particularly into hard-cover books that offer areas for eggs to be left. When taken to the office, books may help spread an infestation.

Briefcases and Bags

Finally, one of the single top causes of bed bug infestations in an office space is spread based on someone bringing an infested briefcase or bag from home. These bags offer numerous hiding places for bed bugs, and if they’re left near the bed or another infestation spot at home and then brought to the office, they may transfer this spread. If you’ve had a recent bed bug infestation at home, take great care with all items you bring into the office so you don’t risk spreading it.

For more on non-bed locations where bed bugs may be found, or to learn about any of our pest control services, speak to the staff at Bug Busters today.