Commercial & Industrial Weed Control in Salt Lake City, Utah

Weeds may be unsightly for your business front, but they can also attract unwanted insect populations. Get your property under control. Choose professional weed treatment and elimination. At Bug Busters, we provide several weed treatment and elimination options for year-round solutions.

Since 1959, Bug Busters have provided weed elimination in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. You can rely on our tried and true techniques to solve your weed problem.


Our Weed Elimination Process

We offer two basic options to help you better control weeds.

Weed sterilization works best when applied in the spring. This process involves spraying the plants that have a covering of soil or other spring moisture. The water then seeps into the soil, allowing our treatment to access root systems. Thus, our spring treatment technique effectively kills weeds before they can come up.

Weed elimination involves a topical spray several times throughout the year to kill weeds after they’ve begun to grow. We can spray in spring, summer, and fall to eliminate your weeds. Whichever method you select, know it’s best to eliminate your weeds sooner than later.

Some companies may only provide helpful weed treatments within a certain season, but Bug Busters can help you no matter when you call us. We cater to your needs and schedule, not the other way around.

Industrial Strength Weed Problem? 

Our powerful weed control techniques allow us to easily control unwanted vegetation in industrial-sized areas. Empty land next to roadways or buildings can quickly become overrun with weeds, which is not only difficult to manage, but unsightly.

Let Bug Busters help you handle the problem! Our professionals will bring powerful solutions that work quickly and effectively. Within a few days, a large, weedy space can become clean and open again. And weed sterilization provides months of protection, so you can breathe easy, knowing you won’t need to worry.

Schedule Commercial Weed Control for Your Business

We’ll conquer intruding weeds to help you improve the look of your business. We have the industry knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. Over the years we’ve cared for some of the most prestigious properties in Utah, and can do the same for you. Call us for a free quote for weed elimination in Salt Lake City, Utah at (801) 313-0311 today.