Read Customer Testimonials for Bug Busters in Salt Lake City, UT

Wendy Mach

“I want to give a shout out to Bug Busters. They are more than bug people; they know their trees also. Stettsen came out to my house today and he was fabulous. I learned about the pests that were eating at my conifers and all the things to look for in the spring. I will definitely be using them for my pest services in the future. Thank you everyone.”


“Always Great Service at a Reasonable Price”

“We’ve used Bug Busters for many, many years. They always do a great job, charge a fair price, and come back if necessary without charge. There is no contract, just the good old “if we didn’t get it right, we will make it right” attitude.”

Jim Bob


“They do a great job! You will be happy. I had three different companies over the years, and I was so happy when I found them, thanks to a friend.”

Jana Nixon

“I really liked how thorough he was. He used a broom to remove all the spiders’ webs. He worked hard to do a great job and made it clear how important my business was to him. I even gave him a tip to show my gratification for his ability to match prices of competitors.”

Leo Ball

“We’ve been using them for years. They are so friendly that we almost consider them family. We will absolutely continue to use them.”

– Transcribed from a telephone interview

Max Knudson

“They do a good job and they are thorough. They show up when they say, and if it is raining, they will come back and do it again. They are just very good.”

Hillary Beck

“We are remodeling our basement and, after removing walls, we found deep crawl spaces that hadn’t been exposed for decades. There was a variety of spiders, some of which could have been potentially poisonous. Our neighbors had a hobo spider sighting a few weeks prior, so my contractor did not feel comfortable working in those freshly exposed spaces. Cory from Bug Busters visited our house and sprayed thoroughly. He also took the time to explain the safety and efficacy of the solution they use. It was odorless and safe for pet and human contact almost right away. Cory was also exceptionally friendly and nice. I would definitely recommend Bug Busters to my friends and family.”

Jennifer Mars

“They came out and gave a thorough estimate of the work and the cost. We scheduled the work for mid-October, and they were very conscientious about being on time. They sprayed an old peach tree for borer and took down a hornet’s nest.”

“I was very pleased with everything and they honored their estimate to the dollar.”

Linda Turpin

“They come on a quarterly basis to spray inside my 7100 square foot home for bugs and mice. They do a good job. I have not had any problems. They are always on time and the problem is always taken care of. I would recommend them to other people because they get the job done, and they are a fair company with which to do business.”

Mark Talbot

“They came and sprayed the foundation for spiders. They sprayed inside of the house and one room in basement. They did a very good job. They got rid of the spiders. I would definitely recommend them.”

Bruce Benzon

“Bug Busters was hired to come out and spray for spiders. I felt that they did a wonderful job. We have seen one spider in 6 months, so the chemicals that they used worked well. I would recommend them to family and friends.”