Wasp Identification & Extermination in Utah

A flash of yellow on a Utah summer day is never a welcome sight. Because wasps are so aggressive, they can interrupt normal activities and drive you inside at the most inconvenient moments. To get back to barbecuing, swimming, gardening, and relaxing outside, you need to take action to prevent wasps from ruining your summer.

The first step of wasp pest control starts with understanding. When you know how wasps behave, you can take advantage of the most effective methods of wasp pest control. At Bug Busters in Utah, we have the expertise to help you identify and eliminate wasps outside your home. Let us help you understand the threat so you can free your property of the menace.

Wasp Identification

Wasp identification is relatively easy because of the wasps’ vivid yellow and black markings. However, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets all have similar markings. Here are a few ways you can tell a wasp from other similar insects:

  • Wasps are smaller than hornets and yellow jackets and less aggressive.
  • Wasps are black and yellow, while hornets are white and black.
  • Wasps are smooth in appearance, while yellow jackets and bees are fuzzy.
  • Wasps make homes above ground, while yellow jackets make homes in the ground.

Pay attention to these signs to determine what kind of stinging insect is flying around your yard.

Wasp Behavior

Wasps are aggressive. They fiercely defend their paper nests, which you can find in raised structures like gutters, basketball stands, and sheds. They are attracted by open water, dead insects, and sugary fruit and drinks. They often sting, which can cause allergic reactions including pain, swelling, and hives. More severe allergic reactions are possible, so monitor anyone who has been stung.

Wasp Pest Control & Extermination

Because wasps can become a major health risk, you should take immediate action to prevent wasps from infesting your property. Regularly check for small nests in the common areas we identified above, especially during the spring before wasp nests become large. Try to get rid of puddles of water around your yard, as they can attract wasps and other pests.

Despite your own efforts, wasps may still infest your property. Here are a few signs you have an infestation:

  • Wasps find their way inside your home.
  • You discover wasp nests on your property.
  • You regularly see a swarm of wasps around the house.

If you notice any of these indicators, call Bug Busters immediately. Our trained technicians can remove wasps safely and without extra effort on your part. We provide services throughout Utah, so don’t hesitate to ask for a quote today. Use our help to ensure your home stays wasp free.