Boxelder Bug Identification & Extermination in Utah

It’s easy to enjoy your yard in Utah. In the summer you can play catch with kids, garden, or snuggle up in a folding chair to read. While you are outside, you might notice a few small, orange and black insects crawling around. These boxelder bugs show up one at a time at first, but they rarely move around alone. Overtime, large groups will find their way onto your patio, into your garden, and even inside your home.  

If you have large groups of boxelder bugs on your property, you might have a boxelder bug infestation. While they are not dangerous to you or to your property, boxelder bugs can become a major nuisance in a home. You should take action soon in order to prevent further annoyance in the future.

Before you move to eradicate the boxelder bugs around your home, you need to learn more about them. Boxelder bugs form colonies that can be difficult to break up. When you understand their behavior, you can use more effective boxelder bug pest control methods to get rid of them.

Boxelder Bug Identification & Behavior

The key to boxelder bug identification is understanding the behavior of this insect. Boxelder bugs primarily feed on plants. In fact, they received their name from boxelder trees, where the insects often live and eat. They are most often found in gardens.

However, boxelder bugs often seek out warm places in the sun. As a result, you will often find them on the south sides of buildings, on flagstones, and on large barriers. In the fall, the insects will seek out a warm, dry place to stay. If they find an opening in the home, they will stay there for the whole winter.

Boxelder Bug Pest Control & Extermination

When you have a boxelder bug infestation, there are a few things you can do on your own. Basic boxelder bug pest control techniques include these:

  • Vacuuming up groups of bugs and leaving the vacuum bags outside during the winter months
  • Caulking screens and window cracks

Try not to smash boxelder bugs. They can leave behind orange stains that ruin carpet, clothes, and furniture.

How Bug Busters Can Help

At Bug Busters, we provide insecticides that specifically target boxelder bugs. These bugs are immune to many types of insecticides. We have the techniques to prevent boxelder bugs from coming inside your home and to eliminate groups already inside. Request a quote today to start eliminating boxelder bugs in your home.