Pest Control in Lehi, Utah

Lehi, Utah is a growing city. New businesses and residents move in almost every day. With all of this growth, Lehi sees a lot of large construction and land development projects.

While a new development can provide a great new home or office space, development can also mean more bugs. Since a new building disrupts insects’ habitats, you can expect to see more of them around the yard or inside your new building.

Keep insects away from your home or business with Bug Busters’ residential and commercial pest control services.

Take Advantage of Our Targeted Pest Control Services

Pest control technician spraying pesticide on window

Bug Busters handles every aspect of pest control, from pest prevention to commercial weed spraying. Worried about pests sneaking through cracks in your windowsill? Our protective treatments create a barrier between the pests outside and the comfortable indoors. Need to protect your plants from insect infestations and diseases? Our tree spraying services keep your shrubs and trees safe. 

Exterminate the Biggest Pests in Lehi, Utah

As Lehi rolls back the wilderness, all of the major pests of the region will, quite literally in some cases, start crawling out of the woodwork. Bug Busters make sure your home and business stays safe with comprehensive pest control. Feel particularly squeamish about a certain kind of pest? Let us know and we’ll calibrate our residential pest control services to eliminate them.

Make sure your family and company stay free of pests. Call (801) 313-0311 to schedule our help today.