Ant Identification & Extermination in Utah

If you live in Salt Lake or Utah County, Utah, you know that unwanted critters may make their way into your home. While they’re usually not dangerous, these insects cause unnecessary irritation and leave your property feeling unclean.

Ants are one of the more common types in Utah. You may be all too familiar with these small six-legged insects, whether you’ve seen them invading your cupboards or crowding your backyard porch. You might even need ant pest control, but in the meantime, you can benefit from learning more about these bugs.

Ant Identification

Have you ever noticed long, thin bands of eaten away wood or drywall in your walls? You may need carpenter ant pest control for your home or business. Carpenter ants build nests and gather inside old, dead, or damp wood structures. These black ants can damage buildings and trees, which in turn, can hurt your property’s value.

Spotted any massive swarms of ants on your front sidewalk or driveway? You could have a pavement ant infestation on your hands. These small, brownish-black ants prefer to colonize new areas and nest in the cracks between concrete slabs. Because of the sheer amount of these insects, you may need to call for professional pavement ant control.

Many other species of ants exist, some more prone to pest behavior than others, and some more inclined to bite or fly than others. Regardless of the type of ant you find in your Salt Lake County, Utah building, you can learn effective ways to remove these unwanted visitors.

Ant Infestation Prevention & Extermination

Perhaps the best way to avoid irritating ant behavior is to prevent an infestation from ever happening. Remember to take these methods into consideration to prepare against ant invasions inside your home or out in your yard:

  • Ensure your doors and windows seal when you shut them.
  • Keep foods and liquids off the ground and sealed tightly.
  • Target small groups of ants with insecticidal sprays or traps.
  • Inform yourself of ant behaviors and characteristics on trustworthy websites.

By following these tips and implementing them regularly, you will help keep your property safe from an excess of ants.

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