Pest Identification: What’s Invading Your Home

Nobody likes pests. Yet, your home or business might attract different kinds of unfriendly insect pests. Whether you live in Salt Lake County, UT or Utah County, UT, your location may be exposed to bugs or rodents that could incite frustration or cause damage.

Proper Pest Identification

When you choose Bug Busters as your go-to source for pest removal, you can rest assured your problem will be dealt with. When you call for our aid, you can speed the pest control process if you understand the basics of pest ID.

That’s why we include basic information about pest identification. You can better prevent infestations from occurring when you understand how to identify different insects in or around your home. You’ll usually spot spiders, ants, and earwigs in dark, damp, or deserted areas of your property. You can find insects like cockroaches, moths, and bed bugs around common household areas like your kitchen and bedroom.

And keep in mind that mice, rats, and voles take shelter inside your walls or ceilings, as well as underneath your lawn. These types of pests, including termites, can wreak havoc on your building’s structure and your yard.

 Common Pests

We have the tools to rid your property of the following pests:

  • Ants

     – Ants know no boundaries. Ants will sneak into your home through cracks and leave an invisible trail in their wake. They will nest anywhere in your house, business, lawn, or foundation.

    Ants identification and extermination in Utah
  • Bedbugs

     – If you wake up with itchy bite marks all over your body, you probably have an unfortunate bed mate: bedbugs. Bedbugs are small, brown, oval-shaped insects that consume the blood of animals and humans.

    Bedbug identification and extermination in Utah
  • Cockroaches

     – There are dozens of cockroach species. Some cockroaches fly, while others only crawl around. Cockroaches feed on human and pet food. They also leave an offensive odor in their wake.

    Cockroach identification and extermination in Utah
  • Boxelder bugs

     – Although boxelder bugs aren’t harmful, these pesky insects can quickly multiply and infest trees and homes. Boxelder bugs have black and red bodies and harbor in leaves.

    Box elder bugs identification and extermination in Utah
  • Rodents 

    – Mice, rats, voles, oh my! If you catch one whiff or glimpse of a rodent infestation, don’t delay. Call for professional treatment immediately.

    • Mice Indoors – Protect your family from the odors and diseases that mice can cause. Ask us about our family and pet friendly rodent elimination.
    • Gophers & Voles Outdoors – Outdoor rodents can cause damage to lawns and landscaping. Keep them in check with our exterior rodent treatments.
    Rodents identification and extermination in Utah
  • Spiders

     – While some spider bites are fatal, others are merely a nuisance. If you spot more than five spiders in your house on any given day, you probably have some sort of infestation.

    Spider identification and extermination in Utah
  • Moths

     – Moths will either fly around or hide in fabrics, cabinets, drawers, or stored food items. Moths vary in size and species. Most moths breed quickly.

    Moth identification and extermination in Utah
  • Earwigs 

    – Earwigs are active at night and move into homes for shelter and food. Look for earwigs under rocks and logs or in the mulch in flowerbeds.

    Earwig identification and extermination in Utah
  • Hornets and Wasps

     – Hornets are very aggrieve when disturbed and will sting any nearby individuals. Some wasps, including yellow jackets, act as aggressive as hornets and will also sting. Only through treatment can you to rid your property of hornets and wasps.

    Hornets identification and extermination in Utah

Contact Bug Busters

Through effective insect identification and rodent identification, you can inform yourself of pest behavior. Refer to our pest identification pages to learn how to spot the differences between pests. And when you need professional assistance, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 313-0311 for customized pest management solutions.