Termite Inspection & Identification in Utah

As you sort through stored items in your basement, you may notice muddy, rippled areas on your basement wall. Does your home have water damage? If not, what do those brown, speckled areas mean?

Unfortunately, Utah is home to many wood-destroying pests, such as timber ants, carpenter ants, and termites. Likewise, subterranean termites can attack any area, and are prevalent along the Wasatch Front.

If you see tubular markings on your basement walls (indoor or outdoor), contact Bug Busters for a termite inspection from Park City, Utah to Payson. We’ll travel almost anywhere in Utah, Salt Lake, Wasatch, and Summit Counties.

Signs You Have Termites

Watch for these warning signs:

  • Brown flecks (frass) or vertical tubes on basement walls (particularly near heat or water sources)
  • Dusty trails under drywall or paint (similar to paint bubbles from moisture damage)
  • Muddy tubes on the outside of your home (usually near the foundation)

Our Termite Inspection Services

If you plan to sell your property, keep in mind that most lenders require a detailed home inspection. In some areas, lenders also require termite inspections. If so, let us perform a thorough, low-cost termite inspection to rule out damage.

Call for an Inspection

Find out if you have termites or other wood-damaging insects in your home by calling Bug Busters toll free at (801) 313-0311. You can also request an online quote or contact us by email.