Mice Identification & Extermination in Utah

Do you hear scurrying noises along your floor at night? Are there suspicious droppings in your attic or pantry or near small holes in the wall? If so, you might have a mouse infestation.

Mice are among the most common pests in the US, but that doesn’t make them any easier for homeowners or business owners to deal with. Mice can spread diseases like salmonella and hantavirus to you and your pets, and they can also cause property damage by chewing through electrical wires and shredding furniture.

If you suspect you have a mouse problem, read through the page below, and then get in touch with Bug Busters to discuss our mouse extermination solutions.

How Can You Identify a Mouse Infestation?

As mentioned above, you likely have a mouse infestation if you hear scurrying noises along the floor or in the walls. Mice are nocturnal, so you probably won’t see them sneaking around during the day. You can also identify mice by the droppings they leave along the floor or near food.

If you have mice, you’ll also notice:

    •    A distinctive musky odor that comes from mouse droppings and urine

    •    Shredded fabric from clothes, upholstery, and furniture, especially in corners

    •    Holes in your wall, furniture, desks, or cabinets

    •    Paw prints along the floor

    •    Nests made of food, shredded fabric, or insulation in corners, shoeboxes, or infrequently used areas of the house like the attic

Mice live in large family groups. If you notice any of these signs or even see a mouse scurry out of sight, you can be sure that you have a lot more than one or two mice lurking in your walls.

Unfortunately, once you have an infestation, it can only grow. Mice also grow to maturity after only two months, and female mice can produce ten litters per year. Mice live between nine months and a year, so as soon as they infiltrate your home, these rodents are here to stay.

Professional Extermination for Mice Control?

Because mice reproduce so quickly and live in large groups, it’s difficult to tackle a mouse infestation on your own. The professional exterminators at Bug Busters can evaluate your home to determine how large your problem is. We can find the mice’s favorite hiding spots, lay traps and bait, and ensure that no mice remain in your home.

If you live or work in Davis County, Salt Lake County, or Utah County, Bug Busters offers mice extermination services at the right price. Request a free quote today, or get in touch with us at the numbers listed on the top and bottom of each page.