Tree Spraying in Salt Lake City, Utah

Tree spraying and pest control services for insects, fungus, and disease in Utah

You’ve worked hard on your yard because you want it to look good. After all, what would your in-laws say if they arrived and saw dandelions growing in your lawn? What would your neighbors say if they saw your trees dying during the community barbecue?

For these reasons, you need helpful services like tree spraying in Utah County and Salt Lake County. Our services help ensure that no harmful diseases, insects, or other organisms attack your trees. That means your neighbors and in-laws will have nothing but compliments for your yard. Call Bug Busters to schedule this service today. Ask about our neighbor discounts.

Protect Your Yard with Tree Spraying Services

Tree spraying protects your trees from a few natural dangers, including the following.


At Bug Busters, we specialize in eradicating harmful insects around your yard. Tree spraying keeps your trees insect-free. Schedule a yearly maintenance plan with us so we can keep your trees healthy and beautiful each year.


Fungus could attack your trees any time during the spring, summer, or fall. If untreated, it can infect and even kill your trees. We can safely treat your trees every 14 days to keep fungus at bay.


Trees also have high susceptibility to a number of diseases. Tree spraying can control these diseases. We also suggest using iron and fertilization to strengthen your trees, as stronger trees fight invaders better. Keep in mind that it could take up to a few years for your trees to recover.

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When you call us for tree spraying in Salt Lake City, Utah, you’ll have the advantage of working with trained technicians who can diagnose and treat all kinds of tree problems. No job is too small or too large.

When you need help with your trees, call Bug Busters at the location nearest you. You can also use this form to get a free online quote.