Pest Control in Draper & Sandy, Utah

You keep your home and yard clean and immaculate, so you feel surprised when you find spiders, mice, ants, or bedbugs around. Pests can invade any building, no matter how clean its owners keep it. Fortunately, you can call Bug Busters, a local company committed to keeping you safe from pesky critters.

We serve residents in Draper and Sandy, Utah with pest control services. When you call, our local employees will get to your home or business quickly to remedy the problem.

Pest Control Services Safe for Everyone

Pest Control Worker With Pesticide Next to TruckBug Busters serves local residents with safe products and practices. Whether we eliminate cockroaches or protect trees against infestations, we use EPA-approved solutions. Our products are even safe for high-risk environments like restaurants and hospitals—so they’re safe for your family or employees.

Your Home-Grown Exterminator

Our family-owned business has served you and your neighbors since 1959. We operate on the philosophy that you’re not just another job to complete—you’re a person with concerns.

We know having pests in your home or business is never desirable. We work with you to create a removal plan that you feel comfortable will.

For pest control services in Draper, Utah and Sandy, Utah, call our number at (801) 313-0311.