Pest Control in Pinebrook, Utah

Your neighborhood in Pinebrook, Utah is unique. The beautiful setting in Park City gives you access to fun mountain slopes, adventurous hiking trails, and high-end retailers. You also enjoy being close to nature. However, sometimes nature can get too close. Living with wildlife all around exposes you to unique pest control problems.

Fortunately, Bug Busters is here with the solution. Our residential and commercial pest control services can keep back Heber Valley’s assortment of insects and rodents, ensuring your home and business are safe from intrusion.

Come to Us for Professional Pest Control

Worker spraying chemical on window of houseOur commercial grade equipment protects homes, resorts, gardens, and shops from any infestation. The pests we target include:

Let us know what pest is bothering you and we’ll customize our residential pest control services to target it.

Protect Your Landscape With Tree Spraying Services

The homes of Pinebrook are known for their beautiful trees and landscaping. However, the Wasatch Front often sees plagues of disease, insects, and fungus that kill the local tree population. With Bug Busters, you can protect your trees from an infestation, so they can continue to enrich your property.

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