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Teaching Children About Common Household Pests

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Much of the goal of pest control and extermination within a home is to protect its inhabitants, including any children who live in the home. But kids may also play an active role in some of your simpler pest control themes around the house, and many parents find it’s both informative and practically useful to educate their children just a bit on common pests and what to do about them. 

At Bug Busters, we’re happy to offer a wide range of commercial and residential pest control services, plus to provide simple information and expertise on any of our solutions. What do we recommend to parents looking to inform their kids about pests, both to keep them safe and to help with their prevention efforts? Here’s a primer.

Simple Approach

One of the simplest approaches to teaching kids about various insects or other pests: Explaining them whenever you or your child comes across one. If your child notices a particular type of spider, for instance, take the time to explain what it is, how it’s beneficial, and why it may not be a good idea to try to catch or kill it. Teach them which types of bugs are okay to touch or play with and which are best left alone.

Pest ID

The first major part of this approach involves identifying various pests when they appear in the home. If a child sees an animal that has entered the home, perhaps through a door left open, he or she may become frightened and run to grab you for help.

Take the time before responding to ask them what they saw where, and if possible, encourage them to help you look into the pest’s identity. If it’s a pest, such as a mouse or large spider, you can find out more about their behavior and habits so that both you and your children know how to respond if they appear in the home again.

Does it Bite?

While researching a given pest, one of the most important considerations is whether or not it carries a biting risk. Some insects and animals are more likely to carry infectious diseases, while others pose a direct threat to human life with their dangerous bites or stings.

Most common household pests do not represent such an immediate danger, but you may wish to teach your child about the potential of certain bugs to bite so that they will be aware of a risk if they interact closely with them.

For more on teaching your kids about common pests in the home, or to learn about any of our pest control, extermination or tree spraying services throughout Utah, speak to the team at Bug Busters today.