identifying pest-related asthma risks

Identifying and Managing Pest-Related Asthma Risks

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As parents of children with asthma are well aware, the condition can be exacerbated by a number of potential sources. While some asthma attacks and symptoms seem to appear out of thin air, others are caused by specific triggers, often based on small particles in the air that interact with the respiratory system in negative ways and cause the attacks – and in some cases, if you aren’t careful, these triggers can originate from pests hiding in your home.

At Bug Busters, we offer a wide range of pest control and exterminator services, including those that rid your home of some of the pest types most commonly associated with triggering or worsening asthma symptoms. What are a few of the …

eco-friendly preventing pest infestation

Eco-Friendly Tips for Preventing Pest Infestation

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At Bug Busters, it’s our sole mission to protect you and anyone else in your structure from a pest infestation. Our exterminators provide high-quality commercial and residential pest control services, and we do so with another prominent area in mind: Environmental quality and sustainability.

Wherever possible, we utilize organic, healthy products to help limit the presence of certain critters in or around your structures. All our products are fully EPA-approved for indoor use, even for areas like hospitals that have extremely high standards for toxicity. And while going completely “organic” within the world of pest control doesn’t simply mean eliminating every possible chemical used, there are a few smart products or themes you can consider if you want to …

outdoor pests spoiling barbeque

Preventing Outdoor Pests From Spoiling Your Barbeque

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At Bug Busters, we’re proud to serve as your full-service pest control professionals throughout Utah. Not only do we provide high-quality indoor pest control and exterminator services, we also offer tree spraying and other outdoor services that help limit pests on the exterior of your property as well.

As winter gives way to spring and eventually summer, many folks are looking to spend more time outside on their property – including those who absolutely cannot wait to get to the heart of barbecuing season. What are some basic approaches you can take to preventing the presence of annoying pests and bugs during your weekly BBQ gatherings on the back porch? Here are some important areas to consider.

Yard Care

For …

prevention tips termite infestations

Home Prevention Tips for Termite Infestations

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For those who have any significant wood areas in their homes, whether we’re talking decks, patios, walls, doors or any others, termites are a primary pest concern. Some of the most well-known pests on the planet, termites are one of several wood-destroying pests that live and make their homes in Utah structures.

At Bug Busters, we’re here to help with termite inspection, identification and eradication as part of our general pest control services. Keeping termites from invading your wood spaces comes down to a combination of proper inspection and some basic preventive services – here are some areas you can consider that will keep these pests well clear of your home.

Proper Wood Choice

For those who already …

alternative locations bedbugs found

Alternative Locations Where Bedbugs Can Be Found

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When it comes to pest control and extermination, the bedbug is one of the most straightforward issues out there. The name tells you much of what you need to know – bedbugs are most common in or around bed areas, largely due to their inability to fly and their desire to be near humans and other warmth sources.

At Bug Busters, however, we’re here to tell you a curious fact you may not have known before: Despite their name, bedbugs can be found in several locations besides your bed itself, and they can create all the same issues from these other locations as well. Luckily, proper residential pest control services from our team can help prevent the possibility of …

risks rodents home insulation

Risks Rodents Pose to Home Insulation

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There are many different pests or home invaders that might be particularly harmful to your house’s structure, and some of the top examples here are rodents like mice and rats. These are some of the larger invaders you might deal with, and unlucky homeowners may even run into bigger animals like squirrels, raccoons or possums.

At Bug Busters, our residential pest control services include a full range of protections against mice, rats and all other larger invaders. One of the primary risks these creatures pose is to the insulation in your home, which can have several negative trickle-down effects if you aren’t careful. Let’s go over how rodents operate inside the home, the issues they pose to insulation, and …

dangerous Utah spiders

The Homeowner’s Guide to Dangerous Utah Spiders

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Utah’s desert mountain climate is beautiful and unique, and it makes Utah a truly remarkable place to live. Many people love Utah for its friendly, family-focused culture. Others love the rapidly growing business grid. Still others love the phenomenal skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and water sports. Utah is an incredible place, but there are two little problems.

Their names? The black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.

These two poisonous spiders can make living in Utah a bit dangerous unless you know what they look like, what they can do, and how to get rid of them. And because these spiders are so often found in homes across Utah, you as a homeowner should know how to protect yourself …

Prepare Your Yard for Springtime With These Projects

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Spring is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about your yard again. Landscaping each spring is important-after all, taking care of your yard improves your home’s value, eliminates the risk of pests, and keeps relationships between neighbors friendly.

The grass will turn green and grow quickly again as the weather gets warmer. The soil will loosen as the frost disappears. And your trees will be ready for some much-needed TLC. Are you ready for springtime landscaping?

Develop your landscaping strategy with our tips on tree care, flower bed and garden maintenance, and lawn care.

Tree Care

Your home’s trees provide shade in the summer and look beautiful during every season. Many homeowners don’t realize how …

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: 5 Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

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As a homeowner, you have probably heard horror stories about bedbugs. These pests can come from anywhere, and they often prove particularly difficult to exterminate. In a previous blog, we discussed how to avoid bringing bedbugs into your home.

But vigilance isn’t a surefire guarantee you won’t ever have to deal with bedbugs, especially if you have pets or children who might bring the bugs in. So how do you know if this pest has infiltrated your home?

In this blog, we list five signs of a serious bedbug infestation that will likely require professional removal.

1. Blood Smears on Upholstered Furniture

Bedbugs often come in large family groups. Because you’ll rarely have a single bug crawling on any …

How to Winterize Your Home Against Insects

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In a previous blog, we provided you with tips to mouse-proof your home during the summer. But as the days and nights get colder, it’s more important than ever to protect your home against pests.

You can use many of the tips in our mouse-proofing blog to winterize your home against mice and rats, but what about bugs?

Below, we’ve listed a few tips to help you winterize your home against insects. As you implement a few of these methods, you can keep creepy crawlies out of your home and avoid a potential winter infestation.

Clear Away Outside Debris

The best way to prevent pests from getting inside your home is to make sure that they don’t live near …