How to Keep Bedbugs out of Your Home

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You do all you can to keep strangers from finding a way into your home. Locks on your doors, automatic lighting on your porch, and other security tactics help you feel safe. But have you considered nonhuman intruders? While no one intentionally welcomes bed bugs, people might not realize how their actions brings these pests into their homes.

Two of the most common ways you may open your doors to bed bugs include during a trip or move. Below, learn what to look for, where to look, and how to handle these situations.

What to Look For

To prevent bed bugs from coming inside your home, you need to detect them. These pests usually reside in or near beds in …

Mouse-Proof Your Home This Summer

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Remember children’s movies with animal characters, like The Aristocats or Cinderella? These cartoon films taught you lessons you’ll never forget, not to mention they spurred your love of fluffy creatures.

But as cute as Monsieur Roquefort the mouse looks to the aristocats or how helpful Jacques and Gus seem to Cinderella, you know that mice in real life don’t hold the same appeal. Whether you shriek at the sight of mice in your home or pick the critters up by their tails and toss them outside, you still don’t want these furry pests anywhere inside your house.

You’ve heard that mice carry unsanitary bacteria and diseases. And mice also eat all of your food, get into stored items, and leave …

Plants and Pests: How Your Garden Invites Pests into Your Home

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You want to plant your garden next week. Maybe you’d like to spruce up your home with some new houseplants. But you’ve had pest control problems in the past, and you’re afraid that ants, spiders, mice, and other vermin will destroy any flora you plan to decorate your home with.

Did you know that your gardening may unintentionally invite unwanted pests into your home? It’s true. Certain plants attract irksome bugs and critters while other plants deter and drive these bugs away. You can also grow specific plants to gather helpful insects around your home. These friendly bugs also rid your home of those nasty pests you’d rather forget about.

As you learn how to eliminate bugs and other critters …

Squash These 6 Myths About Cockroaches

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Cockroaches inspire mixed feelings in homeowners. Some scream when they spot the insect crawling around their pantry. Others feel disgusted when they have to squash the bug under foot. And a few people feel a sense of admiration for a cockroach that manages to live in seemingly impossible conditions.

Because many people associate cockroaches with strong emotions, they often generate myths and rumors regarding the bug. Those who fear them might amplify that fear with tales of cockroaches burrowing into skin. Those who despise them may tell others that the insects lead to disease. And those who respect them might exaggerate the bug’s abilities.

Well it’s time to squash these rumors once and for all.

Before you buy into another …