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Winter Pest Control: Food Sealing, Debris Removal, Firewood Storage

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to protect your home from pest risks headed into the cold winter season. Pests operate differently during the winter, and the ones you might see can change somewhat from the summer, but ensuring you’re prepared will keep you from dealing with any major infestations during the cold part of the year.

At Bug Busters, we’re happy to provide a wide range of both commercial and residential pest control services, including all the solutions you need to protect your home or building headed into the winter. What are some of the other basic tips we can offer this time of year, both for your own needs and in areas where our pest control pros may play a role? Here’s a primer.

Sealing and Storing Food

One of the primary goals of many winter pests is locating sources of food, and this often includes food that might be stored in your house. We’re not just talking about perishables, but also dry goods like sugar and flour that might attract ants or other pests.

Be sure to seal up all containers with any kind of foodstuff in them, and don’t leave anything sitting around where it could become a potential source of food for pests. Use our winter pest management services if necessary to keep pests out of these areas and away from your food supply.

Clutter and Debris Removal

Pests are also looking for places to nest and/or hide during the winter, and they’ll often use cluttered areas of the home to do so. You’ve likely already done some tidying around your home, so you might find this step less trouble than it sounds.

However, if you have old newspapers and magazines taking up space in a spare closet or rotting leaves and other organic waste hiding behind furniture and junk in the garage, these should be removed in order to keep pests from nesting nearby. If you need help handling larger jobs, let the pest professionals at Bug Busters handle it for you. We offer expert cleaning and whole-building services that will prevent nests or infestations before they become a problem.

Firewood Storage

If you keep firewood on your property for regular use, you should be well aware that it’s often a nesting spot for mice and other pests. You’ve probably already taken steps to keep rodents away from your home, but you should be aware that firewood is often the cause of these infestations in the first place.

If you don’t use the wood for heating purposes, it’s best to store it off-site in a shed or other outdoor storage area. That way, if rodents do find it, they won’t be able to access your living spaces in order to get at it. In general, firewood can attract all kinds of pests and should be stored along with any other winter supplies you have in a separate location from the house or building itself.

For more on how to prevent pests from invading your property this winter, or to learn about any of our pest control or extermination services in any part of Utah, speak to our staff at Bug Busters today.