winter pest control sealing

Winter Pest Control: Food Sealing, Debris Removal, Firewood Storage

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to protect your home from pest risks headed into the cold winter season. Pests operate differently during the winter, and the ones you might see can change somewhat from the summer, but ensuring you’re prepared will keep you from dealing with any major infestations during the cold part of the year.

At Bug Busters, we’re happy to provide a wide range of both commercial and residential pest control services, including all the solutions you need to protect your home or building headed into the winter. What are some of the other basic tips we can offer this time of year, both for your own …

winter pest control inspection

Winter Pest Control: Exterior Inspection, Moisture Removal

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While some mistakenly believe that most household pests simply go away during the colder winter in a place like Utah, this simply isn’t true. While it’s indeed correct that you may see fewer insects or certain kinds of pests around the home or property, that’s not because all pests are gone — rather, it’s because many resilient pests are just finding different hiding places or nesting areas than they would during warmer parts of the year. 

At Bug Busters, we’re here to help you prepare for this change in seasons and ensure you aren’t allowing pests safe harbor anywhere in your home or on your property. We offer these services for both homeowners and businesses alike, keeping them pest-free throughout …